Q: What is GVCOJ?
A: GVCOJ stands for GeneVieve Collection Online Jewelry, your one stop online jewelry shop from design, manufacturing from scratch to your door step. 

Q: What are the material being used?
A: The items that are being sold on GVCOJ’s website are all made with 18k gold (18 parts gold and 6 parts other material (75% gold), because 100% gold is too soft for jewelry making!) and nothing lower, however we can also do 14kgold and platinum upon special request.

Q: Where are the stones from?
A: Our Gemologist and stone experts buying team travel all around the world to find the finest gem stones there are for you, so the item you are wearing could be from Africa, America, China, India or even all the way from Madagascar!

Q: How are the jewelry made?
A: All of the jewelry are manufactured in house in our own factory and all the stones are hand mounted by our skilled bench jeweler with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We also have our own work shop located in the heart of Hong Kong for stone setting, engraving and repair.

Q: How do I know if the jewelry are authentic?
A: Genevieve Collection takes care of each ever single piece of jewelry as if our own child and execute a high level of quality control during production, closely examinant the final product to ensure everything is made with 18k gold and real stones, therefore you will see the stamp in every single piece of 18k 750 and our own logo representing the quality that we guarantee.

Q: What are the qualities?
A: As soon as the gem stones arrived in our office, our gemologist team will sort out the top notch quality of stones for Genevieve Collection’s jewelry, therefore you can see better color, clarity in reflect. Instead of half cut diamond, Genevieve only uses full cut diamond to have the best brilliance.

Q: Why are we different?
A: Genevieve Collection has been constantly seeking for unique elements everyday to interpret into our design, combining fun and classy these 2 elements together which have created some one of a kind jewelry that is lacking from your jewelry store in your mall next door. We want you to be able to wear these fun pieces everyday and the best part of it? We provide you a certificate along purchase and we deliver them to your door step!