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Along with being natural and certified, our diamonds and gemstones are all conflict free. We source only from suppliers that are well established in the industry, all of whom are committed to ethical and responsible sourcing, including participating in the Kimberley Process.

18k Gold: Our Authentication Process

We use only 18k gold in our jewelry, which is more pure than 14k gold and therefore more hypo-allergenic. In addition to the certification of authenticity that comes with each GVCOJ piece, we discreetly stamp our jewelry to authenticate each item. Every piece is stamped with our logo and “18k 750.” 18k 750 is a mark jewelers use to denote that the precious metal used is 18k gold. Why “750?” The number 750 comes from the amount of pure gold in 18k gold, always a mini-mum of 75.0%.

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