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Only 18k Gold

Each Genevieve Collection design is crafted from 18k gold. With most gold jewelry, you’ll find that the piece is made of either 14k or 18k gold, as completely pure 24k gold is too soft to be worn everyday. We choose to use 18k gold, which has a higher percentage of pure gold (75%) than 14k gold (58.3%). This higher purity gold has both practical and cosmetic advantages. Practically, 18k gold is more hypoallergenic, making it more comfortable for those with sensitive skin. Cosmetically, 18k has a richer golden tone, giving it a luxe look.

Expert Craftsmanship

To have high quality jewelry, you need both high quality materials and a skilled craftsman to put them together. At GVCOJ, all of our jewelry is crafted by our expert in-house jeweler, who boasts over 20 years of experience crafting fine jewelry.

After each piece is completed, our team goes the extra mile to ensure it’s well made and durable. Each GVCOJ design undergoes a a quality inspection to confirm that it lives up to our rigorous quality standards.

What Is 18k Gold?