Lesson 4: Pros and cons of metals commonly used in fashion jewelry

Lesson 4: Pros and cons of metals commonly used in fashion jewelry

Most common type of material used for jewelry is BRASS

( We have learnt that in previous lesson! )

Brass is made from copper and zinc

(mixed of 2 alloy metal)

Causes skin allergies

Color changes over time

But why is gold much better than other materials?
Let’s take a look at the differences!

Genevieve Collection

18k Gold

Common in market


Does not tarnish


Does not react with most acids

Reacts with acids

More dense than brass

Less dense than gold

One of the most expensive material

One of the most abundant and inexpensive material

Has a purity rating
(14k, 18k 24k)

Does not have a purity rating

Does not cause allergic reaction

Causes allergic reaction

Valuable for resell

Not valuable for resell

Some other metals can cause allergies too such as itching, blister and rash!
(some sensitive skin might even be allergic to 14k gold due to the impurities)
Why do other retailers use inexpensive material?

Reduce cost

( increase profit! )

Charging premium price

(you are buying silver but paying for the price of gold)

18k gold inside out

(never plated)


(no irritation)

Good for investment

(significant amount of real GOLD!)

No ridiculous mark up

(you are paying the same price as silver jewelry but you get gold!)

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