lesson 2: What Metal You Are Buying?

lesson 2: What Metal You Are Buying?

What Are These Material Made Out Of?


Karat (not to be confused with carat) is a measurement of how pure the gold is. The higher the karat, the larger percentage of gold. 24k gold means that all 24 parts of the metal is gold - in other words, pure gold.
  • Too soft
  • Color is Extremely Yellow
  • Not suitable For Everyday Wearing
  • Pricy
  • Right Amount Of hardness
  • Perfect For Sensitive skin
  • Perfect for Everyday Wearing
  • Great In Value

  • Might Cause Allergies
  • Differ In Color
  • Mixed With Large Amount Of Other Alloys
  • Unrealistic Look
Silver & Platinum
  • Tarnish Over Time
  • Prone To Scratches & Dents
  • Lower In Value Than Gold!
  • Extremely Rare & Durable
  • However The Price No More Than Gold
  • Extremely Hard To Make & Costly
  • Low in value
  • Tarnish easily
  • Easily oxidized
  • Allergic reaction

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