5 Jewelry Tricks To Get The Guy You Want

5 Jewelry Tricks To Get The Guy You Want

GUYS ARE TRICKY, WE KNOW! Whether you're trying to make the dude you're seeing slightly obsessed with you, or trying to get your man to be committed to you. We are here to help.

1. Be confident

18k Triple Curve Dangling Diamond Ear Cuff

Put on a cool ear cuff to show that you are not afraid to be different. The uniqueness in you is what makes you stand out.


2. Smile more!

18k Diamond Ribbon Bow Bangle

Who doesn't love a smile that’s brighter than the sunshine. Melt his heart away with you bright smile and catch his eyes with this bracelet to make it even brighter!


3. Playfulness is the key

18k Line Dangling Diamond Necklace

Show off your neckline with this adorable necklace , play it off with a low cut shirt and be seductive. Because why not?


4. Be independent

18k Double Arrow Diamond Ring

Wearing rings of your own shows independency. It sends him direct message that we are capable of getting out own ring and we are not afraid to show it!


5. Loveable and caring

18k Heart Shape Diamond Necklace

Nothing screams adorable more than these heart shape “jewelry” last step to winning his heart. You know what to do ;)

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